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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Learning to help

Sweet Pea loves to bake.  I love that she loves to bake bc then I don't have to! lol  She bakes all kinds of sweets for us to enjoy and now Bug is helping her.

She had a ball helping Sweet Pea mix the chocolate chip muffins!


Jennifer said...

So cute! It is encouraging watching big kids help the little ones.

Anonymous said...

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Chestnut Grove Academy said...

following you back, thanks for stopping by!

Sennie said...

So sweet! My girls and I decided to try our cabin microwave convection oven (no real oven here) tonight & bake my hubby a birthday cake. It tasted great, but we found out the microwave is crooked on the wall, and the cake was all lopsided:) I loved having my girls help me<3