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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Maestro Classics Review

I love classical music but my kids not so much.  Oh they will listen to it and some of the more "up beat" stuff they will even enjoy but on the whole they just tolerate it.

However, I have found something that satisfies both of us.

Maestro Classics.

Maestro Classics has this simple mission statement:

Our Mission: To cultivate a love of music through education and joyful performances.

 Sound simple?  Well, it is really.  But what Maestro Classics is able to do goes beyond simple and dives straight into magical.  If you want to introduce your children to classical music and the art of listening you don't have to worry anymore.  Maestro Classics is your answer.

The CD we were privileged to review was The Story of Swan Lake.  On this CD we heard several renditions of the classic piece and found out more about Tchaikovsky’s life and most famous ballet score.  We enjoyed listening to everything on the CD but perhaps the favorite was Speed Metal Swan.  If you are even just a little curious, head over to this page and take a listen!

We have been keeping this CD in the car and listening to it while we drive around.  It is a great conversation starter as well as sparking the imagination to try and "see" what is happening in the music.

Maestro Classics offers quite a few CDs, just check them all out here. The Story of Swan Lake sells for $16.98 for the CD and $9.98 for the Download. 

While your looking around Maestro Classics website don't forget to check out these links: Music & Life, Kids Club, Educational Materials, and the About Us page

**I was given a copy of The Story of Swan Lake in exchange for my honest review.

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