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Sunday, December 25, 2011

It's a little different this year

We always give the kids pajamas for their Christmas Eve presents.  Always.  It's a fun tradition that they look forward to.

This year I just wasn't feeling it.  The Christmas spirit was eluding me so I took the girls with me when I went shopping for their jammies.  They picked them out-there was no surprise, no special moment of me choosing just the right thing for each of my kids.  Nope, there was a tired and lazy momma letting the kids pick their own jammies.

And guess what?

They loved them just as much as if I had spent lots of time choosing them.  ;-) 

That's not the only thing we did differently this year. 

We didn't buy presents for them either.  we bought a few stocking stuffers at the Dollar Tree but nothing else.  We did give them $25 but that's it.  It was simple and sweet. 

They loved that too! 

Here's to simple Christmases that focus on family and not on things.

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