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Thursday, December 1, 2011

The Best Christmas Gift...Ever!!

If you are looking for a Christmas present for your kids, I have just the thing.

A fort.  But not just any fort, I'm talking about a Toydle Toy Fort.

Never heard of Toydle?  Hold on to your hats and I'll tell you all about them.


Toydle is the brain child of Robert Brownfield. Rob—president of Worry-Free Manufacturing in Boise, Idaho—has been making quality products for years. He is also the father of two fraternal twins, Ike and Molly. (Their pictures adorn our website.) Like all good fathers who refuse to (fully) grow-up, he loves toys, and he loves to give toys to his kids.

Problem is, as you’re fully aware, good toys are hard to find—real, high-quality, long-lasting toys. 

Frankly, most toys are only slightly better than junk.

Awhile back Rob brought home a toy for his son. Within five minutes it had met its fate on the driveway concrete. Busted. Worthless. And only five minutes old! While stewing on this reality Rob thought, “This is dumb! I can build better stuff than this. I do build better stuff than this!”

And so The Toydle Dream was born.


Toydle Forts are made right here in the USA in Boise, Idaho. Each tube is cut, each wood block is hand-shaped by an American worker. We believe that with a little American ingenuity we can make products better and more cost-effective than sending the work overseas. We believe that we can win jobs back for our workers and our economy. We practice it every day!

And we guarantee every Toydle product—we will replace any product or piece thereof that fails for any reason, even if your little critters leave a block out in the rain, or try to do pull-ups with a tube. 

The quality of our products speak for themselves.

All Toydle Forts are constructed with

  • Hand made wooden blocks 3” sq. made with high quality, laminated poplar.
  • High Quality PVC tubes 29” long & 1/2in wide.
All Toydle Forts include an industrial strength storage bag.
All Toydle Forts include clips to help secure your sheets and blankets.
Our Forts are the strongest, longest lasting, and highest quality forts you will find anywhere! And we’ll back that up with an Unlimited Warrantee! No one else even comes close to what we offer!

Toydle Toy Forts come in two different size-The Toydle Fort which runs $149 and The BIG Toydle Fort that sells for $229.  To check out these Toy Forts, head on over to the Toydle website and read all about them. You can also contact them via phone or email at:  

Email us:
Call us: (208) 371-9929

You can also visit them on Facebook!

Now for some exciting news:

The TOS Crew is hosting a give away for THREE of The BIG Toydle Forts.  Just head on over and check out how to enter. 

NOTE: This contest is open to residents of the United States ONLY.  TOS Staff and TOS Crew Members (and their families) are not eligible to enter this contest.

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