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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Year Long Project Old Glory Take 2

This is the second installment of our oldest daughter's year long project. She was able to sing it at a Heart's Journey concert with piano accompaniment, which happens to be her cousin. They had only rehearsed it a few times before performing it together. She still needs to work on stage presence and looking at the audience. But for a girl who wouldn't have done this a year ago, this is remarkable! And she wants to do it again. Woohoo!


Laura said...

Oh Renita!
I just LOVED that!! She looks and sounds so grown up and her voice is absolutely lovely!! I can only imagine how proud you all are of her.

momma24 said...

Laura, that is her daddy on her right! Heart's Journey is the group he and his brother's have been in for years. :) It was so amazing to see her up there singing with her dad and uncles!

Laura said...

I actually recognized him! (I was so proud of myself!!) :) And WOW he looks like his brother! I would love to hear them sing in person sometime. ALL of them!!

Kristine said...

I saw your dh too! Bethany has a lovely voice. Is she taking voice lessons? I didn't notice anything about the eye contact or stage presence, as I was concentrating on listening. :) What a blessing for you to see her step out and take the path God leads her down!