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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Unexpected Results

I have Hypoparathyroidism.  It's a big name that means low calcium.  It's somewhat complicated and simple all at the same time.  It's painful and requires a lot of medicine everyday.  :(

And that's where the rub came in.  I got sick of taking all those pills.

Yes, I know that there are people that take more than I do and for more serious diseases.  But, for me, I was sick of it.  It got to the point that I would gag every time a pill was put into my mouth.

This disease is not one that there isn't any cure for or any other treatment other than pills.  Nice.

So, what did I do?

I quit taking my meds. 

In October.

I didn't really tell anyone, I just did it.  It was is childish and rebellious.  I did it anyway.

There is no good reason, I was just having a pity party.  Okay, an extended one!  But, after a few weeks of not having to take 24+ pills a day, it was bliss.  I was only taking my thyroid meds and it was almost like I was a normal person. 

So, I kept on not taking my meds.

The symptoms started slowly and were manageable and didn't progress too far, so I kept on with my rebellion.  I tried to take in more calcium in my foods and just revelled in not swallowing all those pills.

In January, I had my blood tested because the symptoms were becoming more pronounced and the results were what I expected.  Low.  The calcium levels were 7.2 and they should be over 8.5.  It wasn't as low as I have been (6.2), but low enough to cause concern.

Still, no meds.  Still in rebellion.

Last week, I went to the doc for a sinus infection and told him what I had been doing or not doing and he had a different reaction than I thought he would.  He understood.  He wasn't happy, but he understood.

We did another blood test.

I got the results on Monday when I took in our 8yo, who is sick, and we are all stunned.

My calcium levels ARE THE SAME AS THEY WERE LAST MONTH!!!  They are still low, 7.2, but they haven't changed.


My doctor could only say that maybe what I was doing with my diet was working.  That and maybe we were getting our miracle. 

He did caution me that I would probably never be w/o meds, but if I could manage with taking less, that would be a bonus.  Now, the question is can I function at this level.  The muscle spasms are pretty constant and they hurt.  I also am tired most of the time.  Is it a trade-off I'm willing to make?  I don't know. 

I agreed to take two calcium pills and two vit. D a day to see if that would raise my levels or not. 

Either way, God is giving me peace and bringing me out of my rebellion.

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