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Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Eyes Have It

Taking all four kids to the eye doctor all at the same time is an adventure.  Now, I have great kids; but sitting quietly in a waiting room for who knows how long would try anyone's patience. 

I amde sure that they all had their schoolwork with them so there was plenty of busy work. 

Thankfully, there wasn't much of a wait until they started calling our names.  One by one they went back for the pre-tests.  When our youngest came back, she declared "That was easy!"  lol 

Then they called my oldest and the lady told me that I didn't need to come back with her.  hmm  Really?  Wth all four kids needing exams, I thought they would take us all together.  I let her go, but was uneasy with it.

Now, she is twelve so she is old enough to handle it by herself and I love our doctor so there is no worry there.  But, I knew that her eyes had gotten worse and I needed to ehar what he was going to say.  I sat there half on my chair and half off trying to decide what to do, when my 10yodd said that I had better make a decision quickly.

Thenk, another person was called.  It was a teenage girl.  As she was walking back my 10yo said, "See her mom is going with her."  Nice. 

I got up and away we all went.

It was as I suspected, her eyes are worse.  New glasses. 

The youngest was next and it was a riot.  She's 5.  She just learned how to read.  So...instead of saying what letter she saw she sounded them out!  lol It was hilarious.  Our doctor took it in stride.  :)  Her eyes are normal for her age and considering that she was blind when she was born-it's amazing.

Next was the 8yodd.  Her eyes are perfect!  She takes after me.  No, seriously; my eyes are great. 

Last but not least was our 10yodd.  She had a lazy eye until she was about 3 and has had problems with her eyes tracking together.  She has bi-focals and has almost no depth perception.  She struggles with reading, but it's getting better.  Her eyes did not get any worse!  Yay!  What a blessing for her.  We were also told that she could be done with the bi-focals in a few years.  :)  Smiles were had all around.

Our hour and a half in the office wasn't so bad; but by the time we were done, I was too.  Someday, it won't be like that and I will only have a few left at home and I will long for the days of busyness and chaos.  Remind me, will ya?

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Beauty said...

How funny, made me remember back a few years...yes in a few years you will feel the pain of them leaving...but thank goodnes they come back...then they will start watching you for signs that you need a nursing home or living with them or if they need to take your driving license away. Retain you sense of humor and it won't see so bad, I think.