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Friday, March 26, 2010

Catching up on pics

My new coffee maker!  I got this for my birthday and let me tell you, it gets a workout everyday!  heehee

My mom's dog, Bailey...she is a beast!  An absolutely adorable, fluffy, beast.  :-D

She really wanted to go on the field trip, but soon tuckered out.  :(


Gettin' her game face on!

Up close and personal.  Can you see the cut in the corner of her eye?  She got it at soccer practice when she took a ball in the face.  lol

I have more pics, of course, and will try and finish putting more pics on later this weekend.


Beauty said...

Love the pictures! Thanks love mom

Bethany said...

okay, I just saw this post. And that picture of me when i had the scratch... I am deeply offended that you think that is funny. Maybe you should get hit in the face. Then we'll see how funny it is then!!!

momma24 said...

I have been hit in the face, numerous times. Remember when you broke my nose? nuf said.