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Friday, February 12, 2010

Stones of Rememberance

As we are reading through the Old Testament, we keep reading how the Lord commanded the Israelites to build altars as a way for the coming generations to remember the things He had done for them.  God knew that they needed a constant visual reminder of His goodness.

I started thinking about our own journey with the Lord and wanted a way for our family to have a visual reminder of His goodness and provision.


I bought a basket and we are making Stones of Rememberance.  Each child started with three stones and they were to put on them things they were thankful for.  Every time something significant happens, we will write it on a stone and place it in the basket.  On each stone is the item of rememberance, the persons name, and the date.

Hopefully, this will be a continual reminder of everything that God does for us and we will learn to live in a state of thankfulness.

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