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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

School Projects and Pictures

We haven't done as many Hands-On projects this year as I would like, but we have done some.  I just haven't posted pictures of our school happenings.  :(  I will try and update and then keep up because the kiddos like seeing their projects on here! 

Starting with the most recent and working back...

The kids designed their own Seals.  Studying the Ancients has been great fun and has been filled with copious amounts of information!

The 12 yo designed this one and while it is pretty, I didn't pay attention to what she wrote on it until it was too late to change it for this picture.  Not cool!

The 8yo designed two because she loved it so much!  heehee

Her second one.

The 10yo went for the simplistic pattern!  This is pretty much like her personality, what you see is what you get!  lol

This is a drawing of the Tabernacle. 

These were inspired by the Egyptians.  If you could see them up close, you could see the hieroglyphics on them.

I loved studying the Greek gods and goddesses in school and had just as much fun teaching them to the kids.



A plaque for Aphrodite


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Kristine said...

Ooh, fun stuff! Trevor and I are both admiring your girls' work!