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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Really? Is this Necessary?

When we go to the doctor's office, he gives my children each a coin to get a toy from the little vending maching they have.  He gives them a coin because they really need more useless things to leave around the house for me to pick up.  That's all they are good for.

Until now.

Now, they have a new item to choose from.  They continue to have rings, necklaces, tattooes, and some other 'girly' things.  Do my four DAUGHTERS choose those 'girly' things?


They choose the strange animals that grow when you put them in water. 


Because they can leave them on the counter and scare me to death when I go into the kitchen and they are twice the size they were previously.

It is creepy.  First it was a snake.  I finally got them to throw it away after four days. 

This is what is on my counter now:

A lizard of some kind and a spider.  They both are continuing to grow and soon will render me incapable of going into the kitchen.


chillywilly said...

That is funny you know they do that just for you

CelticMuse said...

How sweet of them. All of my children would love to do that to me as well, even the girls.

Bethany said...

I think they do it because all the other stuff is cheesy.