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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

School Happenings

I haven't written in a while about what is going on in our school.  That's because we have been on a pretty minimal schedule since some time in October. 

We have kept up with Math and Language and some reading but not nearly as well as I would have liked. 

And that's okay.

This week is the beginning of getting back to 'normal'.  Now, normal is a relative term so what I mean is back to our regularly scheduled schooling! lol

I have had to re-adjust our Tapestry of Grace schedule and so now we are scheduled to be finished with that the third week of May. :(  Not ideal, but okay.

The reason that I didn't just skip what we were behind on is it is so interesting and important.  Seeing how the Bible fits into secular history is worth it's weight in gold.  The way Tapestry lays out history and the information it gives us is too valuable to skip. 

So, we will end our year with the rest of the subjects around the first week of May (barring anymore extended sicknesses!) and just continue on with our History studies. 

Wait, I take that back.  Our two oldest will be continuing their Math programs throughout the summer because they are 'behind' where they should be.  We slowed down so that they could really get the concepts, and now we are going to continue with it and not let it rest.  Lucky them!  heehee

We are LOVING our Latin studies, still!  It is already coming in to use in our everyday lives.  The girls recognize words that have their roots in Latin and so can decipher what they mean.  It is awesome!

Homeschooling is such an adventure and a learning process; for everyone! 

Oh yeah, I almost forgot!  Our youngest has been begging me to do real school and so since she is turning five on Friday, we did it!  We got her Kindergarten books last week and she is already flying through them.  She does several lessons a day and loves it. 

And so the journey begins with another...

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Kristine said...

Sounds like everything is going GREAT this year! I think your school days sound perfect, focusing on the majors. What a blessing to be able to spend this time together. :)