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Monday, May 3, 2010


Sitting at a make-up soccer game last week, Steven and I were checking our calendars to see what was going on on Sunday, May 2nd.  We both checked and saw nothing (see previous post on Sundays!).  After a few minutes of staring at our calendars, which are on our phones, we realized that Sunday, May 2nd was our anniversary!  roflol

We both forgot.  I had spent so much time getting ready for his birthday that our anniversary slipped right past me.  We sat there laughing at each other and I realized that the other people sitting around us had heard us and were laughing at us.  :-D  Oh well, at least we forgot together!

We were able to go out and celebrate our 18th anniversary just the way we wanted.  Steak and a bookstore.  We are simple people with simple pleasures. 

Eighteen years, wow!  I picked a great guy.


Rose said...

Happy Anniversary!

Kristine said...

:) Happy anniversary!