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Thursday, May 13, 2010

I love my house

No, really I do.  God brought it to us and gave it to us.  I am grateful and in awe that He would do that for us.

That being said...I am tired of the leaks.  We have two windows that are leaking; but only sometimes.  Is there any way to predict when it will happen?  Nope.  Does it happen frequently enough for us to be on guard against it?  Nope.  It just happens out of nowhere...water starts pouring through the windowsill. 

Yup, good times.

After we had finally got the kids to shut up, I mean in bed, it was quiet and I could finally hear myself scream think.  When the quiet settled around us I heard someone peeing.  Seriously, it sounded like just like that!  However, all the rugrats children were in bed and I didn't think that any of them would pee in their rooms.  (Anymore!)

Lo and behold, it was coming from the school room.  So not cool.  Water was pouring the window, down the wall all over our timeline.  AAGGHH!!! 

I know I should have been worried about the wall or the carpet or even the window and why it was leaking.  But all I could see was our timeline and the characters that we had placed on it.  It covers almost two walls.  Here is a post that has a picture of it.  You have to scroll down a little to see it.  I was getting more upset with each century line that was ripping and then the tape that we had used started ripping the wall.  Niice.

As we were cleaning up the water that was pooling on the carpet, I kept chanting to myself, "They are just things, they are just things."  It still broke my heart.  :(  I love our timeline and I can't replace it.  At least not anytime soon.

So...Steven and I stayed up most of the night going out to check on the offending window to see if the well was filling back up with water.  I grudginly graciously let Steven go to bed and then proceeded to stay up all night so that I could run out in the rain and look into a window well.  I got pretty sick of it and the last time I was grumbling a bit and almost didn't catch that the water was rising and needed bailing.  It was such a joy to pick up the pitcher that I had broken earlier bailing water out of the well that I couldn't help but curse!  Okay, so I didn't really but I wanted to. 

Thankfully it didn't leak anymore past 3:30am.  That and the kids let me sleep until I woke up.  Then I had copious amounts of coffee!  We found a covering for the window but I am expecting that at any random moment water could start pouring in my house.  I guess I will keep a bucket handy!

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L said...

We also have an infamous 'peeing window'!! Hope your stops soon!!!!