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Friday, May 14, 2010


We were blessed to have an opportunity to pack food for Haiti with Numana.  I had heard about it through our church and really wanted to do it, it just didn't work out.  Well, we finally got the opportunity to go. 

Our homeschool group tries to serve through ministry opportunities.  In the past few years it has been raising money to free modern day slaves, sending hygiene kits to Haiti, taking cookies to the fire fighters, etc.  It is an amazing way to get our kids involved in serving others. 

Today, we went to pack food with Numana. 

I wasn't sure what to expect.  I mean I was taking all four girls with me and you never know what kind of mood they are going to be in!  Let alone me!!  ;-)  I prepared for the day, praying that we would all get along and serve with joyful hearts. 

The kids were in great moods.  That is until our youngest had to put on the hairnet and plastic apron.  That did NOT make her happy!  Truly, they were hideous!  She dealt with it and eventually cheered up.

We were assigned our table-our homeschool group filled THREE tables!  At each table, there was a station for the rice, beans, soy, and vitamin powder.  A certain amount of each one was put into a funnel and into a bag.  The bag was then weighed and then sealed.  Each almost 4lb bag of food would feed a family of six.  Seriously! 

Our youngest scooped up the beans, rice, and soy putting them in the funnel for almost two hours and never complained.  So did my other girls, but at 5yo I was pretty impressed!

It felt good to be able to contribute to the well-fare of others and to see how much our girls enjoyed doing it.  To foster a heart of service in our girls is a high priority; I'm so glad that we have a group of friends that help us in that endeavor.

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