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Saturday, April 17, 2010


Saturdays are filled with soccer for us.  We have all four girls playing on four different teams.  Can you say busy?  lol 

Saturday our games were one on top of the other with our oldest having an away game.  Steven took her to her game and I stayed for the other three.  Our youngest was first and she played pretty well.  She had a little trouble turning the ball around but had so much fun giggling with her friends.  :)

The 10yo was next.  I knew as soon as I saw the opposing team that we were in trouble.  I knew three of the players from the other team.  They are crazy good players.  The other coach is a great coach as well.  Our girls fought hard until the end.  They lost, but they were able to stiffle one of the opposing teams best players and keep her from scoring.  I was very proud of our girls for hanging in there and fighting.

The 12yo's game was going on while these two games were going and they only had 8 players show up.  We need 11 to take field.  :(  It ended up that the other team only had 9 players show up so everyone played the whole game!  Oh were they tired.  We ended up winning pretty decisively anyway.

By the time the fourth game of the day came around, I was done!  lol  Our 8yo was the last to play and you never know how she is going to play.  heehee  She likes to dance and talk on the soccer field. lol  So, I have had to learn to just sit back and watch with no expectations.  (not a bad thing to have to learn)  This day, she came to play.  She score three or four of the 6 goals.  She scored one with her left foot!  Another was an indirect kick that she shot over the opposing teams heads into the goal.  It was crazy!  She had a great time while doing it!  next week may be a different story! lol

We only have a few more weeks of soccer left.  Then some peace and quiet...Not!

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