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Friday, April 16, 2010

Our Homeschool Performance

We belong to a homeschool group that we just love.  It is made up of about 15 families and around 55 kids!  We meet on Mondays three of the four weeks a month for classes.  We offer 4 classes for ages starting at birth all the way through high school.  The moms get together and decide the classes based on what their kids are asking for.  The classes change each year.  For the last two years though, we have had a choir class.  Last year we sang songs like a typical choir.  The kids did a great job.

This year, however, we did show tunes!  At the first class session, I let the kids listen to several songs that I picked so that they could choose the songs they wanted to perfrom.  The ages in the choir class were from 2nd grade up through high school.  When I started playing the songs for them, I kind of paniced!  They picked some of the hardest songs I played. lol  I should have known!

The songs they chose were All for the Best and Light of the World from Godspell; Go, Go, Joseph and the Prologue from Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.  Not only were they going to sing, but they were going to dance!!!  Okay, so I only choreographed one song; but we only meet nine times and class time is only 45-50 minutes.  I had a big challenge in front of me.

Well, the kids pulled it off!  They totally rocked it.  They memorized all the songs and learned all the choreography.  A few of the kids had solos and ensemble work.  They were amazing!  I could not have asked for them to do any better.  They were confident and poised.  Plus, they had fun doing it!  What more could I ask for?

It was so much fun to see the light in their eyes when they accomplished what they started.  Woohoo! 

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