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Friday, April 9, 2010

Help, Lord, I'm Getting Ready to Start Homeschooling My High Schooler! Review

It's everywhere!  Really, it is.  You may not know it because you aren't looking for it yet; but, it 's there.  I only started noticing it a few months ago because some ladies in my homeschool group were talking about it.  I started wondering if I should be thinking about it too.   hmmm  Na, I would think about that later.  I have plenty of time.

Ahem, I'm thinking about it now!  What, you wonder has all this attention of mine?  Homeschooling High School.  I have to admit, I wasn't too concerned about it before this year.  Of course, I didn't think too much about it either. lol  But, the more I hear the mom's around me talk about it and the more I see in magazine's and online, I am starting to get a little concerned.

My main questions are Can I really do this?  and Will I mess their education up completely if I do?  Nothing too monumental, right?  Haha

So, I started listening.  And listening.  I was hearing some good ideas and information and even some stories that helped a little.  But, they were mostly families just like us or at least very similar to us (in some ways!) and I was desperate to hear some different real life stories that I could draw from to create a big picture for myself.  I wanted to hear stories of people who school differently and hear that they succeeded.  I wanted to know that their kids went on to lead successful lives in their chose professions.  But, beyond that I wanted to know that they became successful people.

I found what I was looking for.  Now, this ebook is not a How-To.  It is not a fill in the blank and come out with a plan.  I would like that also, though!  This book is a compiliation real-life stories of families that made it.  They did it in ways that worked for their families and children and they succeeded. 

For each story you get to hear a little background on the family, and there are all kinds of families in there!  You hear their story and where they are coming from.  Then you get to hear some of their journey.  Every story is real and relatable.  Like Kelly Rottenberry stating, "It has been a few years since I homeschooled high schoolers, but I remember it vividly.  They are years that I wouldn't trade for anything despite the challenges that came with them."  That gets me excited!  That makes me anticipate it more.  I can so relate to some of the situations with her children.  It helps to see that they turned out alright, maybe mine will too!

There are so many wonderful stories that encouraged me.  Honestly, I will read them often and can't recommend this book enough.  Like I said, it is not a How-To book, it is more like sitting with a friend drinking a cup of coffee and being encouraged.  There are thirteen different authors/stories, each one wonderful.  The introduction by Amanda Bennett and the Epilogue by Deborah Wuehler are great in and of themselves- just little nuggets of truth and encouragement for the journey. 

As if that wasn't enough, there is an Author's Recommended Resources section.  Wow!  Talk about a wealth of information.  Between book recommendations, websites, Scripture references, transcript helps links...I could go on and on with what is included.  But I think you should get it for yourself and see what I'm talking about.  :-)

I highly recommend this ebook from The Old Schoolhouse.  It is a tool to have in your arsenal for when you are doubting whether you can do it or not.  Buy it and be encouraged.

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Karla said...

Sounds like a good book I am in need of!!