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Friday, April 2, 2010

It's a Jonah kind of a week!

Someone asked me if I felt like Job.  No, not really.  There have been times in my life that I might have felt that way, but I'm a long ways from there right now.  The girls were watching Anne of Green Gables this week and a line stuck out.  I love those movies and books and we watch them pretty regularly.  Anne said that she was having a Jonah kind of day.  hmm Yeah I think that describes it pretty well.

Wednesday finished and Thursday started.  We still didn't have our car back.  Our 8yodd had an appt. with a pediatric dentist.  Steven came and boy was I glad.  She had some major work that needs done and I don't think I could have handled the news alone.  She has a long road ahead of her and it breaks my mommies heart to see her going through.  Mommy guilt is a great thing, isn't it?

Thursday was pretty quiet.  We went through the day with little to nothing happening.  It started making me nervous actually, the quiet!  That evening we decided to ride our bikes to soccer practice since we wouldn't all fit into the car.  Our youngest did awesome on the way.  Then she played for an hour at the park.  Our trip home wasn't so pleasant.  She was tired.  I mean REALLY tired.  She cried the whole way home.  It was so sad.  And yet kind of funny in a way! lol

At home we put all the bikes away and when Steven was shutting the big garage door, it fell.  We went around through the house and into the garage and found that the cable had broken and the spring flew off the track.  Praise God no one was in the garage!  But, it is definitely broken.  :(

Our car is still in the shop. 

Today, I had a crown put on my tooth.  It was almost $500.  I tried not to cry in front of the people at the dentist office.  But as soon as I saw Steven, the dam broke.  It was just the last straw. 

Actually not, because we have to pick up the car tomorrow and pay for it. 

Then maybe this week will come to an end!

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