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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Molly's Money-Saving Digest January 2010 Review

Do you know Molly?  I know several that want to be Molly, myself included!  I have just found something, that while it can't help me be Molly, it can help get me closer.  :)

Molly, if you haven't heard of her, is a wonderful Organizer, Evaluator, and Prioritizer.  She has wonderful ideas to make your life simpler and more organized.  Now, if you know me in real life you know I need all the help I can get!  I really think Molly could do that for me.

Molly is from the Econobusters.  They have a website that is so much fun to look around because it is packed with great information.  It's pretty too! I'm sorry, I should have said, "It is visually stimulating."  There I have sounded official. lol

Molly has ebooks that are put out by The Old Schoolhouse Magazine.  They are chalk full of information and useful tidbits.  But it's not too intimidating like a full 300 page book on organizing.  That would completely overwhelm me.  It's like Molly knows that I need to take baby steps then she shows them to me, points me in the right direction, encourages me to get started, and helps me to keep going. 

Each book is split into chapters.  The January edition has wonderful chapters such as Molly's Minute, Begin with the Basics (speaks to my heart), On Sale This Month (seriously love this one), Tips and Tools for Organization (should read this many times), Feather Your Nest Frugally (husband approved), In the Kitchen With Molly (always good to have new recipes and tips), Kids' Corner (to keep them entertained long enough for me to drink my coffee), a monthly feature, letters written in to Molly, and then....drum roll please...a Directory of Links. 

Yeah, that's what I said.  All that AND a Directory of Links.  And, and, and, what's even better is that the links are divided up by chapter!  Woohoo!  So you are reading away on a chapter and you are inspired, which you will be, so you go to the Directory of Links and you find the chapter you are on and viola! there are all your links.  Way too cool!

I haven't even included the charts.  There is a Family Budget, To Do List (that is just too cute), and Family Clothing Inventory (that we will be using in a few weeks).  These are seriously great tools to have. In the kitchen chapter you get recipes, but you also get a menu plan and a SHOPPING LIST for the menu plan.  Seriously!  How cool is that?  The Kid's Corner has a checkbook ledger and checks to help teach them to manage their own money. 

I could go on and on, but I won't.  I encourage everyone to check out these ebooks, they are great.  You can get them at The Old Schoolhouse Magazine website or Econobusters

Try Molly you'll get hooked, too!
You can buy them here.

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