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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

A New Find

We got some of our curriculum in the mail on Monday and today we broke it out.

This year we are trying our hand at a foreign language. Again. Last year Spanish didn't go very well. None of us liked it, so we didn't do it.

This year we are trying Latin. We are using Prima Latina. >insert groaning by the kids here< There was all kinds of grunts and groans and endless complaining when I told them about it.

I was determined to persevere. I have been hearing from several resources that studying Latin will help with long-range schooling success. I am all about helping them succeed later in life without me!! we pulled out the books and the listening CD and went to work. I am thrilled to say that I loved it. But better yet, the girls LOVED it. We all had a great time learning it and then putting their father in awe at the dinner table with their knowledge of Latin!

I am excited to see where this curriculum takes us. :)

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Kristine said...

I too have struggled with foreign languages, first Spanish and then Latin. However, I am happy to say that, while using Prima Latina, even Trevor (then 7? 8?) passed me up within three weeks. We followed that up with Latina Christiana, and didn't do anything the following year. Holly's picking Latin up as a high school subject this year.

Trevor particularly is very interested in hearing how root words connect back to Latin, AND in making those connections to understand what a word means. :)