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Sunday, August 30, 2009

First Date

Steven takes each of our girls on dates, one at a time. It is a sweet time for them and teaches them what to expect from boys when the time comes to *gulp* date. (courting is what we have decided on, but that discussion will come later!)

Our youngest has only been on modified dates because she was so young, so they would go out to eat or get ice cream or something like that. Well, this year she is old enough for a more 'grown up' date! She gets to go to a movie and dinner with Daddy.

I told her when it was time to get ready and she asked why. I told her that she was going on a 'real' date with Daddy and she threw her hands up to her face and squealed in delight. She ran around the house telling her sisters where she was going. It was the sweetest thing.

For each date, Steven buys them a piece of jewelry that is age appropriate. It is a precious moment between father and daughter.

Her necklace that says "Daddy's Girl".

She was so excited that she didn't let go for a few minutes!

Daddy, showing her what her gift was.

A very sweet girl that is growing up all too quickly.


chillywilly said...

As mom and I read this it brought tears to our eyes. What every girl wants, to feel special to there dads. sigh

Cynthia said...

Very sweet.