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Friday, August 21, 2009

Every day life...

Some days are better than others around here. But most days are great! We really enjoy being together, strange as that may seem to some people.

I really love taking these pictures with the kids. They are so much fun!

She got her braces off. She didn't like her teeth, she thought they looked too big. :-) I think she looks beautiful.

School is hard work. Our 10yodd was reading to the 4yodd and she fell asleep. It was just too sweet seeing them there, so I didn't make them move. I just let them snuggle.

Steven took this picture. He thought it looked cool! I do too. :)

I have some pics and a post coming on our first few weeks of school. It has been great already.


Kristine said...

Very cute pics! Isn't it a sad reflection on our culture that so many families do not like to spend time together?

Cynthia said...

tis the school season already... where did summer go?