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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Little things

The little things are what matter. Right? I know that some people would not agree, but I tend to have a different perspective than most on just about everything! To me, the little things are what make the big things big. Make sense?

Let me explain.

Our youngest has been doing school with us since she was able to hold a crayon. She loves being with her big sisters while they are doing school. (little thing) She has learned her colors and shapes this way. (little thing that builds to a big thing)

Last year in our home school group, she had a class for learning letters. Granted, she already had them learned and could write her name, but she enjoyed ‘teaching’ the younger kids with me! I didn’t realize, however, that she knew ALL of her letters. Evidently she was paying more attention than we had realized. (little thing)

She has been able to write her name for over a year now. (big thing that came from many little things) Her sisters think it’s cute when she spells it for them! She can also recognize their names on sight. But only because they write them down for her continually and repeat them over and over again. (little thing)

She has been ‘writing’ notes to all of us that have up until this point just been scribbles. (little thing) Now she is asking us to spell words for her (little thing) like “I love you.” (big thing)

Yesterday, she gave me a piece of paper that I had just spelled “I love you” for and what I saw brought tears to my eyes. She has learned to spell Mom and Dad from memory. (little thing that means the world)

Three little letters in each word that are quite easy to spell mean more than anything else. She was so proud that she knew how to spell our names! All the little things that she has been doing and that we have doing with her and for her have added up to a big thing for her momma’s heart.

We will keep doing the little things and treasuring them along the way.

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