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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Just another day in Paradise

It all started last night when the girls were playing Hide and Seek with a friend of theirs. Dd2 decided to hide in the walk in closet just off the kitchen. Dh and I were eating at the kitchen table when we heard a crash.

Now, being the loving and concerned parents that we are, we kept eating! Dd1 went to see what the problem was and immediately came to get us. She said that dd2 was laying on the floor, crying.

We rushed (okay walked leisurely!) to see what the problem was.

She actually was laying on the floor sobbing.

After much hugging and talking sweetly (okay, patting on the head and demanding to know what had happened) we got the story.

Evidently, she was trying to hide under the shelves and on her way back out, she pulled on the cord to the Waffle Iron and it fell on her arm. :( No wonder she was crying!

We deliberated for quite some time about taking her to the Dr. and decided to wait and see what it looked like in the morning.

It looked fine. There was no bruise to be seen.

She was still in a great deal of pain however, so we went.

It is not broken. (yeah! She has already had two broken bones!)

She just has a large hematoma under the skin. (yes, I know that I did not spell that right!) The Dr. said that it should create a very large bruise in a few days. We will just see!!

Anyway, here is the offending appliance!

Innocent looking isn't it?

Here is dd2. This picture was taken just after the ibuprofen kicked in!!

That is our homemade sling! My sister picked up scarves for our dd's in Iraq.

This is how we ended our night!!!

Skip-Bo. WOOHOOO!!

Dd 4 was fighting sleep and she would fall asleep between her turns.

Snuggled up and ready for bed.

She was starting to give up on the game!

I won, by the way!!!

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