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Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter Dresses

This was the first year that we have bought Easter dresses for the girls. I really wanted to do it this year; however, it was hard to release the style of dresses to each individual child!

I did. I think the dresses they chose, suited their personalities very well!

My second born chose my dress this time. I was not sure of it, but I wore it anyway! It turns out that I absolutely love it!! (she knows more and cares more about fashion than I do!)


Unknown said...

My youngest got a dress EXACTLY like the first picture... unfortunately she went and played in the woods behind the church and got it all muddy. Its in the wash now, hopefully it will come clean this wont be both the first AND last day for wearing the dress!

Amy said...

You all look beautiful!

Kristine said...

Renita, love how all the dresses are different and truly do reflect each of your dds! Love the colors of your dress on you, too!