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Monday, September 16, 2013

School, Oh School

I once had a student who worked on Algebra

She didn't understand it

Not one little bit

She slammed the book and cried, "Mad you are!"

School was going fantastic until we got into Algebra. I should know what I'm doing by now. I took it in high school (I cheated btw) and I had one go through it two years ago. Bethany and I muddled through it and she did some of it alone as well as with her dad.

Fast forward to two years later and we have another in Algebra 1. I'm not gonna lie, our personality faults are bubbling to the surface and they aren't all pretty. It is getting ugly with no foreseeable end.

Our personalities clash anyway because we are both strong, dramatic, and quick-tongued. We have a lot of fun together but when we go head to head, watch out!

Algebra 1 will not will not. We will figure this out. No, she will probably never use it in her life after high school but I had to do it and so does she. lol

For now, we will be doing Algebra 1 long into the evenings and if you hear screaming or doors slamming don't worry-we'll work it out when dad gets home!

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Lindsay said...

It's nice to know that doors are slamming some place else besides here:-)

Love your blog, Renita!