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Monday, September 2, 2013

One Minute Reader ipad app Review


Reading is important in our household. We have tons of books and I want my children to love to read. I want them to get lost in the pages of an adventure book or revel in a mystery. I want them to love reading.

When you have a struggling reader it makes it difficult for them to love or even like reading. The more you push the harder they resist and can even turn away from reading any more than necessary. That is not a scenario anyone wants.

The One Minute Reader ipad app is a way to help struggling readers gain confidence as well as proficiency in a way that is fun and engaging. I am all for using technology to help kids learn but tend to shy away from quite a few apps because they can be more game than educational.

The One Minute Reader is not that way at all. It is fun and educational without being frilly and silly. The stories are level appropriate while still challenging the reader. There are vocabulary words that will widen their knowledge base and give them words to impress their friends!

How does it work? Visit the website for great information about reading fluency and frequency as well as the About Us page to find out more about this great app. Want a Print Version? No problem, head over to this page and check it out! The One Minute Reader App is free on iTunes with samples of the six levels - E, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. In App purchases are $2.99 each. The One Minute Reader App for a certain level is $19.99.

From the website:

Reading is a fundamental skill, one which adults sometimes take for granted. But many students have trouble learning to read. As they struggle to master this skill, they often find other subjects difficult too, and their self-esteem may suffer. Becoming able readers is crucial to students' success in school, and in life.

Struggling readers need more than just books. They need a structured reading program that applies research-based principles to keep them on track and maximize results. They need a reading program like One Minute Reader.

One Minute Reader app

bullet Engaging Content

One Minute Reader features interesting, nonfiction stories, packed with fascinating information. This engaging content taps into students' curiosity, so they want to find out more. Examples of book topics are Natural Wonders, Cool Creatures, and Fun Festivals.

bullet Develops Reading Fluency

The One Minute Reader program is based on learning strategies that research has shown are effective ways to develop reading fluency:

Modeling by a fluent reader: Readers read along with a recording of a fluent reader to help them learn how to say the words and how to read in a natural voice.

Repeated reading: Readers practice reading each story several times until they know the words and can read accurately and expressively.

bullet Enhances Vocabulary

One Minute Reader includes audio-supported definitions for selected vocabulary words in the stories. This helps readers learn the meanings and pronunciations of words they may find challenging. One of four comprehension questions at the end of each story also focuses on vocabulary. And an optional crossword puzzle in each book gives readers additional exposure to key words from the stories.

bullet Promotes Comprehension

A quiz step asks questions about the story to make sure students think about what the story is about and the ideas in it. The questions generally focus on identifying the main idea, attending to details, understanding words in context, and making connections in the text.

One Minute Reader graphbullet Motivating Feedback

Readers see graphs of their initial cold-timing score and then of their final hot-timing score, which shows how much they've improved. Watching their scores go up motivates readers to keep working.

bullet The Right Fit for Each Reader

One Minute Reader offers books in a range of reading levels from early reader through fifth grade, so each reader can find stories that are a good fit for his or her ability.

Once you download the app and set up the student they can begin. The first screen is a selection of books/subjects to choose from. The student can choose the one they want, I had Naomi choose the first one, and begin.

The first time they read through the story is a Cold Read to see where their reading level is at. Don't worry, they get a chance to improve this score. After the cold read is a chance for the app to read it for them while they read along. On this option there are highlighted vocabulary words they can tap to find out the definition. After the Read Along, there is a Read Alone where they are timed again. Then there is a Quick Quiz to ensure reading comprehension.

If you don't know what level to put your child in, that's okay because there is an in-app Placement test that will test them and tell you which level they should be at. Cool, huh?
There is also a Help button on the app to help with any questions or problems you have. The Support from the website is available on This page.

The One Minute Reader really did help Naomi improve her reading fluency and comprehension. Plus, she had a good time doing it! She was a little intimidated by the story and scoring at first but once she realized she could improve her scores she was all over it. She wanted to practice and keep bumping up that meter.

We will continue to use this for our young or struggling readers in our homeschool. It's a great tool and I recommend it as an educational app.

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