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Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Can I be real here? I mean brutally honest?  It's confession time of the homeschool variety.  All superhomeschool mommas, please don't read any further.  I will feel your chagrin at what I'm about to admit and will lose sleep over disappointing so many of you.  ;-)

We have had to repeat Week 1 of Year 3 twice, maybe three times, and we just now got to Week 2.  My head is hanging with homeschool mommy guilt.  We actually started school in early August but between a hospital stay, two surgeries, and multiple sicknesses we are woefully behind with our Tapestry of Grace.  On top of that , we were trying to finish up Year 2 the first month or so of yeah, we are not on a "real" school schedule.

We are on our own schedule and it is taking me a while to be okay with that.  I don't think I am there yet.  I am still feeling terribly guilty for not being where we "should" be.  Yes, I am comparing myself and our school to those super homeschooling mommas out there that have it all together and are exactly where they thought they would be on this day and at this time of their year. 

Super homeschooling momma I am not.  Shoot, I'm doing good to remember that we need to do school everyday! 

So there it is.  I am feeling like a failure at the moment.  I am wondering how we are going to accomplish our year and get everything done.

I think some call it year round schooling!  lol  We are definitely going to have to do some serious schooling this summer to "catch" up and make up for the time lost at the start of the year.

And that's okay.  We have flexibility and can make our school work the way we need it to.  I just have to get over my expectations and roll with what God has brought to us.  I need to relax and enjoy where we are at and what we are learning.

I need to enjoy my kids.  Remind me of that will ya when I start freaking out next time, will ya?


Dawn said...

ENJOY YOUR KIDS!:) You get to make your own schedule. And our schedule allows for change. Blessings to you...and thanks for your transparency. You're awesome!

Susan said...

You are NOT behind, you are right where you need to be at this moment. It's really really hard to let go of those lists and stop worrying about getting everything checked off according to some particular schedule.

But life, real life, is messy. It doesn't stay between the lines. It doesn't sit still long enough to be pinned to a bulletin board or stamped or checked off.

Praying for some peace of mind for you. We all have these moments.

Becky said...

As shared above, you are right where you need to be. AS one who has been in your shoes many a time, I promise - the children do learn and grow from these experiences. They are better for them. This is real life learning being done, and sometimes that is what God wants in order for He to be the teacher. Just keep loving and caring for each other, doing what 'school' you can. Pray and ask God to show what needs to be accomplished and what does not. Tapestry never states you have to do it all! I will be praying you find some peace and direction. I pray your entire family will find the joy again in learning together be it through helping a sick family member or researching the causes of WWI. The joy is in the journy! God bless!

Leat said...

We are right there in that same boat!

It is so hard not to compare with where we think other homeschoolers are, but everyone has their own schedules or lack there of.

We hardly ever get everyone through all their subjects Maybe once a week? But I just call those other days life school! haha They are learning how to work with me in the kitchen, regular household chores, get along with a pesky sibling, etc.

You are doing a great job!


Assistant said...

I feel the same way many days too. It's great to see your transparency Renita. The encouragement from the other ladies is on point. I needed to hear that myself.

i cant decide said...

That's the beauty of homeschooling! We school year round so we can take time off whenever we want or need to.