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Monday, November 28, 2011

TOS Review Great Commission Languages French Jr.

Foreign language has forever been a pebble in our homeschooling shoes.  We just can't seem to find anything that works-I should say that we like.

Until now.  I was chosen to review Great Commission Languages French Jr.  I was skeptical, I'll admit it.  We have tried so many things only to get frustrated and give up.  So I didn't hold out much hope but I openened it up and looked through it.


Here is a little about Great Commission Languages French Jr.

Le Français Facile! is:

  • A Complete French Curriculum!
  • A Scientifically Designed Curriculum!
  • Easy to teach, even if you don't know any french at all!
  • Fun to learn, with funny stories and interesting activities.
  • French Scripture, songs, games and coloring pages
  • Great for homeschool co-op groups!
  • Digitally mastered enhanced CD for audio and computer
  • Printable free activity sheets: no purchasing consumable activity books or photocopying!
  • Teaches French language and French grammar through literature based entertaining storylines
  • 3 year program for younger students
  • 1 year program for older students and Fast track option for teens
  • French Culture of France and Québec with optional projects (including idiom projects)
  • Use of Tomatis and SAMONAS sound theories to facilitate learning
  • Follows Charlotte Mason Method, Bloom’s Taxonomy and higher order theories by Dr. Jeanne Chall
  • Certificate of Completion available with submission of two projects
  • Written by a francophone mom of 4 in her 10th year of home educating
Follow this link to see a sample from Lesson 1.  Or follow this link and see several samples from several different books as well as a video.

Great Commission Languages - Easy French Jr. levelI was cautiously excited.  The book contained worksheets, a listening CD, printable worksheets, and teaching material. I was pleased to read the Introduction that helped explain how to use the curriculum and then the Extra Resources page that listed famous French people.  It's always good tie in learning with real world experiences.  Then the characters are listed with their names and pictures.  This is helpful when listening to the CD or working through the Lessons.  These help give visual cues for better recall.

The Lessons are divided up into sections for listening to the CD, Vocabulary, Activity, Teacher Helps, and Cultural Notes.  Each section is easily understood by the student for some independent work if they are older or easy implementation for the mom/teacher.  We have really enjoyed using this curriculum.

My 9yo says,"I really like learning French and this makes it so easy and fun!"

That says it all doesn't it?  If you want to check out this great curriculum head on over to their website and see for yourself.  This just might the answer to your foreign language woes like it was for us. 

Le Francais Facile Junior sells for $69.95 and can be seen along with the other French programs offered by Great Commission Languages.

While you are their website don't miss out on the Extra Activities to enhance your French studies.  Also, check out their Mandate to find out a little more about the curriculum or this page to find out more about the company as well as ways to contact them.

Want to find out what other Crew Members thought of Great Commission Languages French and Spanish programs?  Head over to The Crew Blog and check them out.  You won't be disappointed.


**I received Le Fracais Facile Jr. Level through The TOS Crew in exchange for my honest review.

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