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Thursday, November 17, 2011

TOS Review Math Mammoth

Math is not my favorite subject.  Never has been and probably never will be.  I am learning more while teaching my kids than I did the first time around!  We have found a great curriculum that we love but there are times when even the best curriculum could use some supplementing.

PhotobucketMath Mammoth stepped in and was the perfect supplement at the perfect time.  After talking with Maria at Math Mammoth we decided to choose some individual workbooks instead of a whole set.  The three we chose to review were US Money, Measuring, and Clocks.  Each workbook is filled with exercises and practice pages as well as internet links for extra help and games.

I printed the books and set my 9yo loose with them.  She really enjoyed them!  They were easy to implement and had great explanations in them.  I can't wait to have my 6yo use them and watch her discover that she can count money or tell time!  These workbooks will serve us well and I can see us using these off and on when there is a need in our school year to go a little more in-depth or just have a different explanation of the concept.

I have been so impressed with Math Mammoth and Maria and would recommend their curriculum to anyone in need of a great math product. 

PhotobucketTo see samples of the curriculum we received, head over to these pages:  Measuring, Clock, US Money and check them out for yourself.  When you get to each page scroll down and on the right hand side you will see links to click to see samples of each workbook.  Don't forget to go to this page to see all the workbooks they offer. 

The prices vary for these workbooks with some at $3.25 up to $4.00 for the downloads and $9.50 to $10.00 for the printed books.  To see the prices for the workbooks of your choice click on their titles and scroll down to see the options for ordering.   

Not sure what you want or need?  Ask Maria!  She is a wonderful help and a joy to work with.  Don't forget to check out the FAQ page to answer any questions you have or to sign up for Math Teaching Emails and the Math Mammoth Tour. 

Math Mammoth also offers full curriculum packages.  Some of the other Crew members reviewed those and I know that you will want to check those out.  Head on over to The Crew blog to read all about them.


**I received these workbooks from Math Mammoth through The TOS Crew in exchange for my honest review.

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