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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Soccer oh soccer

Soccer season is at an end for our 6yo.  They played their last game this past Saturday and while they didn't win they had a great time playing.  We watched her blossom into a great player who is a better team player than an individual player.  Did that make sense?  She isn't a show boater, she passes the ball and helps her teammates play better.

I love that!

She also likes to score and was able to score several times this season.  That was pretty exciting for us all! lol

I am glad the season is over for her.  That frees up one night from practices and part of our Saturdays.  Pretty soon, like Saturday, we will be done with soccer for both girls and we will have three whole nights and all day Saturdays freed up. 

I can't wait!  Then we can get back to family nights and relaxing in the evenings.

Yeah, sounds good to me!

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