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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Random, 'cause it's what I do!

My blog is being scraped again.  If you are reading this on a website other than you are reading a stolen copy of my content.

She loves doing her Math U See!!

This was a freaky worm we found on our front sidewalk.

Yeah, it was freaky!  I'm a little scared that it is dangerous.

She discovered the joy of doing chores! She really does love it.

This was only some of the bags of leaves.  ugh

She lost her first tooth!!  woohoo!

Maggie put herself in there!  It is really Bailey's cage. lol

Before Steven's Christmas party for work.

B as the angel in our church Christmas play.  She was amazing!
Whew!  I finally took pictures off of the camera today.  I think there were over 1,000 because the card was full! hahaha


Anonymous said...

Both my son and I said Jerusalem Cricket Larvae - but I couldn't quickly find a photo of one, lots of Jerusalem Crickets. This little guy would probably like to be tossed in the sandiest part of your yard, possibly under a rock. :)

Kristine said...

Love the various photos, a perfect combination of randomness!