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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Oh yeah, This is my life...

My blog is being scraped again.  If you are reading this on a website other than you are reading a stole copy of my content.  Unfortunately this will appear at the top of all my posts from now on.  :(

Friday at lunch I decided to have pity on the kids and run to the store for a break.  It was a nice trip and we got some Christmas shopping done.  Attitudes were decent and a good time was had by most.  lol

I also splurged by getting them Lunch-ables.  What a good mom I am!  A wonderfully nutritious lunch at twice the cost.  What can I say, I was desperate for some peace and quiet.

We made it home without much of an incident but then I made the mistake of telling them they could eat downstairs.  That's usually a no-no but I wanted to watch a little t.v. and lost my mind momentarily.  Food was on my plate and I was walking down the stairs when I heard the words that froze my blood.

"Oh my God!"

Now, that is NOT something we say in our house.  So, I knew it was something bad.  I rushed down the stairs to see S running towards me.  B was fast on her heels.  Panic was written all over their faces.  They started running around like those ducks on a carnival shooting gallery.  It was getting on my nerves pretty fast because they weren't saying anything.  They were muttering, "We don't know what to do!"

The next words I heard made me wish that someone had been breaking into the house.  "The toilet is over-flowing."

So not cool.

That's when I heard the running water.  It sounded just like the water had when it was pouring through the ceiling a month or so ago.  Flash-backs made me instantly cranky.

I'm pretty sure that I yelled at both S and B to shut the water off behind the toilet and S said that she didn't know how.  B just stood there looking at me like I was speaking Japanese.  grrr

I threw my food down and rushed in to save the day.  Only to find about an inch of water standing on the newly painted floor with water still pouring out of the toilet.

And guess what?  It was full of poop.  Oh yeah.  That's right.  Now, there is fecal matter being spread all over the floor.  Good times.  I sloshed through the poop infested water to bend over and turn the water off.  I couldn't quite reach it because I was keeping as much of my head/face area away from the rising log in the toilet.  So, I had to bend over more and got my arm in the water.  Niice.  I finally reached the turn of valve and turned it.

It broke off in my hand.  I am not even kidding.  It seriously broke off in my hand.  The turds are rising and the water is still pouring out of the toilet.

I ran to the other room for the main shut off valve and get it turned off just in time.  The log stayed in the toilet.  whew!  At least that one thing went right.  The shop vac came out and sucked up the water along with a few chunks of 'stuff' and had to be emptied multiple times.  When enough water was sucked up, I went to work on the toilet.  I plunged for all I was worth and thought it had been enough.  So the water was turned back on.

I waited for the water to settle and with plunger in hand, I flushed.  Now, I was waiting for the water to rise; but when you see the water rising in the toilet there is a moment of panic when you actually can not move a muscle in your body.  You know what I mean.  It's that moment of indecision that makes all the difference.  And I was too slow.  More water and fecal matter rushed onto the floor.

More shop vac sucking and emptying.

Finally, I was able to plunge the toilet successfully and the glorious sound of water sucking down the toilet was heard through out the house.  Cautiously I had B turn the water back on and flushed.  I was armed with the plunger and the shop vac...Success!  The toilet was unclogged.

Momma was sufficiently unhappy though.  The bathrooms were made off-limits without supervision!  They now have to ask permission to use the bathroom and then have to have the toilet and all water checked before they can be excused.


I am done with water flooding my house and I absolutely DO NOT want more fecal matter spreading all over my house.

The floor will have to be repainted but not until I get some sealer to put on it right afterward.  I don't know when the bathrooms will be opened up in my house; I'm thinking never.  At least not until they are willing to brave floating poop to fix the clog.


Kristine said...

We've had to threaten that, that they would not be allowed in--or out--of the bathroom unless a parent checked it over. The kids' toilet was getting plugged up several times a week, and no one would ever admit to it. Thankfully, they know not to re-flush, so we've never had it overflow.


Diapers. I guess there was a good thing or two about them. At least you never needed a shop vac.

chillywilly said...

OMW I wet myself reading this. I still have the card you gave me somewhere. It's amazing how fast that water rises. Love you and I will help you redo it when you are ready.