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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Praises long overdue

My blog is being scraped again.  If you are reading this on a website other than you are reading a stolen copy of my content.

I don't think I ever shared this story with anyone other than least I don't think so! If I have blogged about this before please excuse another post bragging about what an awesome God we serve.  :)

A few years ago I was traveling with the girls to go see my mother.  She only lives about an hour and a half away so the drive is not a big deal.  There are good roads and it is a pretty straight shot.  However, this particular day I was very tired.  Not just sleepy, I mean dog-tired.  I knew when we got in the car that I was going to have a hard time staying awake, but we needed to go.  So, I loaded up on Pepsi, snacks and tunes and set off.

I was doing pretty well at first but then the warm air in the car was too much and my eyelids started to feel heavy.  I immediately turned the heat to cool to wake myself up.  It worked for the moment.  Then the kids started complaining about being cold, so I turned the heater back on.  It wasn't too long before the music stopped keeping my attention.

My eyelids were too heavy to hold up and they started sliding closed.  I felt myself slide into sleep and jerked back awake. This wasn't good.  I knew that I wasn't going to be able to stay awake.  I prayed for help and protection.

A few miles later, I felt my eyelids falling shut again.  Only this time I couldn't make them open.  I fell asleep behind the wheel.  That had never happened before; ever.  I felt the warmth of sleep spread over me and lost myself in it.

The next instant I heard a male voice yelling at me.  He was yelling, "Wake up!"  It was clear as day and it shook me to my core.  It was a voice I had never heard before and yet was very familiar.  I knew that I must obey this voice.  My eyes shot open and I could instantly feel the change in the car.  The kids hadn't noticed anything and were happily playing in their seats; but I could feel the presence.

I knew that God had heard my cry for help and He had saved us.  He woke me up and revived me so that I could drive the rest of the way safely.  He cared enough about my simple prayer and about us to intervene and rescue us.

Praise God that He is a God who cares.  A God that listens to those He loves.  A God that is involved in the lives of His children.  A God that loves deeply.   My Abba.

So, there is the praise that was long overdue.  God has worked in my life so many times that it's hard to count them; but count them I should.  And often.  To remember His Grace and Mercy in my life and to remember that He alone is God.


Kela said...

I'm glad that you possibly reposted this story! I finished reading this with a big smile knowing full well how God loves to rescue His children. It's His way!

I'm here from THL BUT I'm one of the ones that's like you! =)
Drinking in God's full Word and not being ashamed to shout it out loud (even though I shout with my written words and not always my vocal chords. LOL)

Glad that I found you!

Be blessed and take care.
Merry Christmas!!


Matt Sullivan said...


Wow! God is working right now in all of us, but most of the time we are too busy to notice. Your experience was a "megaphone" blessing. God reaching down and shaking you to your core. How cool is that! I look forward to reading more about you and will share you with my readers.

Merry Christmas,

Matt Sullivan