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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Our Field Trip

 Two weeks ago we went to a local castle.  We have been studying the medieval times and focused on castles quite a bit.

Who doesn't like castles, right?  It just seems so distant to the kids with no way of making it real.  That's when I remembered that we have a castle in our hometown!

Instant field trip.  Just add a camera and we were set to go.

It is just gorgeous sitting on the edge of a river.

This picture doesn't do the stained glass justice.

They have added modern conveniences like ac and electricity!

On top of the tower there were five different animals in stone.

The crenels and merlons.

Interesting architecture.

We even got to incorporate our Latin studies!
A cool little gargoyle!

We invaded!
The gatehouse.
Can you see the girls in there?  They are in the shadows!
 We had a good time touring the grounds even though we didn't get to see the inside.  We will call at a later time to see if we can tour the inside.  Of course I will take more pictures!


Steph @ Wild Crickets said...

How beautiful is that?! We have several small castles in the southern part of our state that we've visited. I'm always amazed to see them. It makes me want to see the castles of the UK every time I visit. Great photos!

Dawn said...

Amazing! Must have been really neat to see in person!