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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Good times

Just when you think things will get back to normal, someone falls down the stairs.

I'm not kidding.  Our 11 yodd fell down the stairs Thursday night.  She made it through soccer practice playing against a boy's team and then came home and fell down the stairs. 

It was a sickening couple of thuds and then the scream.  She hit her head pretty hard but that seemed to be okay.  Her foot, however, was another matter.  When we got her to the lazy boy, it was already bruising and swelling.  There was a line of some sort that was a dark purple in the center of the bruise.  great.

I took her to the minor emergency Friday morning bc our doctor didn't have any appointments available.  Can I just say that I hate the minor emergency office?  Esp. after the child abuse innuendos a few years ago. 

Anyway, the doc looked at it and thought that it was broken.  The xrays didn't show it, though.  He was surprised at that and said that if it was still hurting Monday to come back in bc the swelling could be 'hiding' the fracture. 

So, we go back in Monday or Tuesday to see if there is a fracture or not. 

Saturday was the last game weekend of the season for soccer.  Yay!  Wait, I mean, boo.  ;-D  Our oldest did a great job and played hard.  She didn't even fall down during this game!!  Her team won, beating one of her former coaches in the process.  She made it through the end of her season and can look forward to a cast or collar bone splint on Monday.  Pictures will surely follow...

Since our 11yo could play, we went to support the team.  They ended up winning pretty decidedly and ended the season on an up note.  It was a lot of fun to cheer them on, but sad to see our girl sitting on the sidelines.  I was very proud of her for being there even though her heart was breaking.

Our weekends should be quite a bit quieter now!  And I am so ready for it.

Although, my kids seem bent on getting hurt no matter what they are doing; so there is probably not much hope for quiet around here.


Unknown said...

I certainly hope your dd is feeling better soon. I know the waiting is hard.

Unknown said...

Hope she's better!!

Unknown said...

Hello. Following from the blog hop. Hope you can follow back.
God Bless,