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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Us, Really?

On vacation we went out to eat at a new Mexican place that was actually already a Mexican restaraunt a few years ago.  Confused?  I was too! 

The new restaraunt (in the old building) was brand new.  They didn't even have full menus yet.  We looked at what they did have and thankfully there was something there for each of us.  We went with my dh's brother and his family.  They have three kids and we had our four for a total of eleven people.  Not too bad really.  They are all good kids and can entertain each other.  lol

When we were ready to order we told the waitress how we wanted the tickets split up and she looked at us like we were speaking a different language.  Well, I guess we were because her English was pretty broken!  When we finally got across what kid went with what parents she paused and said, "Okay, we will go with you first (pointing to my bil and sil) and then we will work with the big family." 

Big Family!!  bwahahaha  We have never been called that before!  It was too funny.  We used that line the rest of the evening anywhere we went. 

Big Family...I like the sound of that!


Libby.Terrell said...

Yes, because somewhere between a family of five and a family of six lies the line that differentiates "average" and "big"! Ha, ha!

Debra said...

Isn't it weird to realize that other people think of you as a big family? I've got 5 kids, so I guess we qualify. But I don't think of us that way!!

So was the food good?

momma24 said...

Debra, it was. BUT, it was authentic and didn't sit well with my stomach or my dh's so we spent the entire night sick to our stomachs! I think we would go back though and just take it a little easier next time. ;-D

Cynthia said...

We've been called a big family as well, but we sure don't think we're a big family since we know so many others who have 8, 9, 10, or more kids!

Kristine said...

That is so funny. I always feel like a little family when I sheepishly answer that I "only" have two kids!