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Thursday, June 24, 2010

A Pleasant Way to Spend the Morning

This morning I had the pleasure of having two strangers in my home!  I met one of them on The Homeschool Lounge when we realized that we were both from Kansas and then even better than that, we were within 30 minutes of one another.  I joined the Tapestry of Grace group on The Lounge, because I LOVE TOG!, and she said that she had some questions.

I made myself available by email for any questions that she may have.  :-D  She contacted me and asked if I would be willing to get together with her and her friend to talk about TOG.  Seriously?  No really, you want to come over to my house and talk about homeschooling and a curriculum that I love?  hahahahah  Of course I want to do that!

We talked for a few hours and it flew by.  It was wonderful to meet some more homeschoolers; esp. ones that I have so much in common with. 

I love talking about homeschooling.  I think it is an amazing thing to do for your kids and family. 

Just ask me!  ;-)


Pink Slippers said...

OH! I so wish I was by you too! I want to come over and talk about TOG!! Drats...I am considering it for next year for our son! Gonna have to figure out an alternative! ;0)

momma24 said...

:-( I wish you lived closer, too! I would love to talk with you about it. Of course, we could email if you would like and I could answer what I could. Just a thought. :)

momma24 said...

Ya know, I could ask if there is anyone near you that would be willing to meet with you. email me @ if you are interested in this option.