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Friday, January 29, 2010

Yeah, that's nice

You know those times in your life when it all seems like it's piling up?  When one thing after another goes undone and two more get added to the list? 

You guessed it, that's my life right now.

We got behind in school this fall, not too much, but enough that I need to re-work the schedule to accomodate an extra week at the end of the year.  Oh yay, that's just what I wanted-one more week of school!  Who needs summer break anyway?

So, in the midst of getting back into the swing of school, sickness strikes again.  This time it has been Strep.  it hit hard and fast.  In the end it hit three kids and I'm still trying to fight it off.  We'll see how that goes!

Then, our 10yo fell down the stairs (again) and hurt her thumb.  Same thumb as last time.  Nice.  We waited a few days to make sure that it really was hurt and then we weren't able to see our regular doctor.  This doctor was a little perturbed that we waited two days to have her checked.  Seriously?  Did he not look at her chart?  I can't believe he hasn't heard of us, we are in the clinic enough that the front desk ladies know us by name.  I'm not kidding.  We don't have to say anything, they just pull our charts.  Come to think of it, we could be the reason that our doctor was able to take a trip to Cancun last week.  Yes, we are there that much. 

After the fear of another accusation of child abuse wore off, I was glad to be having xrays taken.  Although, I had told our dd that if it turned out that nothing was wrong with her arm, she was going to pay half of the bill.  Yes, I did. And I meant it.  So, when the doctor came out and said that there were no broken bones, this look of relief washed over her.  And not a moment later, a sick look came upon her as she realized that she would be paying half the bill.  I almost laughed out loud!  But, I didn't get the chance because the doctor started talking about ligament damage.  Oh fine!  So there is something wrong with it after all.  Whatever.

She gets to spend another 3 weeks, at least, in the splint and if it is not markedly better in two weeks we get to go back AGAIN!  I wonder if the doctor's office hands out frequent flyer miles?

Now, add on top of that my calcium falling and my tired brain not working quite right and you have the recipe for some really stinky days. 

Like today.  Yesterday we knew the snow was coming.  Okay, okay, I didn't really believe them; but it's Kansas so anything is possible.  I wasn't too worried about it though because I had done all of my grocery shopping last week and we were sick anyway.  Where were we going to go? 

It snowed.  A lot.  It kept snowing all night.  Then it kept snowing all morning.  At lunch time I started setting out things for pizza.  No, I didn't want to make pizza but we had already eaten out this week so I was stuck cooking. 

Okay, fine.

But not yet.  First, we decided to watch a movie.  The principal said we could have a snow day and I was going to take advantage of it!  The movie would have been great except for the wiggly body that was sitting next to me.  She was a constant squirmy annoyance.  Really.  I love her, I do; but come on!  Can't we just sit still through a movie?  Shoot I would settle for 20 minutes!

The movie finally ended and so did the torture of sharing a chair with the human energy ball.  I went upstairs to start the pizza and realized that it was thirty minutes before Steven was to be home.  Oh I really messed up this time!  It was going to take at least that amount of time to get the pizzas together and then there was cooking time. 

With a very dramatic sigh I shoved, I mean asked, my child to get out of the way and started slamming the things I needed onto the counter.  The dough was done at least so I went to get the sauce and !@#%#&

Are you kidding me? Nope.  It all came back to me then.  I didn't go to the second store on my list last week because my calcium was tanking because I haven't taken my meds in almost three months.  Yeah, yeah I know; let's not go there right now.

Another tantrum and a call to Steven to stop and get some sauce and I'm starting to feel better.  Then the mushrooms attacked me.  It could have been because of the nasty way I was treating them, but there is no excuse for spitting juice into my eye.  Mushroom juice really burns.

I finally got one pizza into the oven and was busy grumbling, I mean making, the other pizza when I heard the 10yo say, "You know the timer isn't on?" 

Oh that was just the end of it.  Seriously.  It was my own fault.  I let the child that had had a 103* fever yesterday set the time and then didn't check it.  Did I mention that my brain wasn't working right?  yeah...

I really needed some Pepsi at that point but had forgotten to tell Steven to pick some up for me, so he got soda for everyone else in the house except me.  (in his defense, he thought I had some alread) Niice.

Checking on a pizza every few minutes is a lot of fun.  You should try it.  Really.

We pulled it out just before it was uneatable.  They never said a word about it.  Smart family.

I got a bit of the planning done, but not enough.  I sat with the kids and played with them, but not enough.  I spent some time with my husband, but not enough. 

I counted my blessings instead of my irritations, but not enough.

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Romany said...

Oh dear, you have been having a rough time, Renita!

I hope things pick up for you again soon.