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Friday, January 8, 2010

What is she trying to say??

This morning, we decided that it would be a pajama day.  Ok well, My two youngest and I decided that; it sounded good at the time.

I was trying to check on some emails and help the 12yo with math when Maggie decided that I wasn't giving her enough attention. 

She did this to get my attention...

She tried to get up further by burying her head between us and lift her back leg up.  She never quite made it all the way up, but she put enough pressure on my chest to stop my breathing for a few seconds!! lol  She's only around 70some pounds!

Next time, I'm going to fix my hair and put make-up on to stay in my jammies! :-D

1 comment:

Beauty said...

I think she is trying to tell you like you did me. When I was busy for too long, you would come up and tug at my pants and say"mommy, is it kissie time( not sure if I spelled it right but you get the point) Love mom and you look great with or without makeup!