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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Changing Seasons

I am sad.

It is hard to move through seasons in your life and see friendships and situations move away from you.  Especially when you don't want it to happen.  Now there are times when it is by choice.  It is hard to go through it, but you know that it is the right choice and you are actively participating in it.

Other times, it could be someone else going through a change that alters your relationship.  These are the rough times.  You don't have a say necessarily and that makes it hard.  Decisions are made and you wait out the changes.  Sometimes it is for the better and the relationship blossoms. 

Sometimes it doesn't.

There have been so many seasons in my life and a wise woman told me to hang in there and wait them out.  Seasons change and then you will look back wondering where the time went.  That is so true with our children.  Sometimes I feel frustrated because there are things that I can't do because we choose to homeschool or because we have young kids.  I can start to feel resentful but then her words come back to me and I try to live in the moment.

Women are so relational that when one of our friendships changes or even ends, it is heartbreaking.  Especially when you don't understand the reasons for the loss.

I don't think I will ever get used to this kind of season change, it just hurts too much.  

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Beauty said...

somethings we can't change what is happening around us and if we could change, would it be for the best. Only Heavenly Father sees the big picture. We have to be careful and wise and not let the hurt change our lives. It can consume you and not let you see the good that is all around you. But there is healing that needs to take place, time is sometimes our best friend.Love m