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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Some new TOYS!

For the past few days, I have been playing with some new toys. What you ask are they? Let me tell you.

I have been blessed with some downloads from The Old Schoolhouse magazine. The two I received are the digital version of their magazine and their new planner!!!

I have been wanting the planner, BUT I thought that my dh might get upset with me if I bought ONE MORE planning book/paper/form.

The problem is, I love planning books/papers/forms! I collect them. I have scores of them saved to my computer. I have piles of them printed off. AND I have shelves of books on planning.

I have a small obsession with all things planning. ;)

Now, do I use them? Not really. I have never found one book that had everything in it that I needed. I have had to buy several books, or buy one book and supplement with what I found online. That led to confusion and chaos. (two things that seem to follow my paper trail)

However, when I finally stopped giggling while it downloaded; I discovered the treasure that was before me. There was so much more in this planner than even I dreamed of. It has taken me days to absorb the information that is now at my fingertips.

Let me list some of the amazing items that are included in this planner:

First there is a Table of Contents that lists everything in a format that you can just click on them and go directly to that page. Cool!

Each month of the year is listed with items that are unique to that month. For example, July has 'Lessons Learned Around the Table' that talks about the importance of the Family Table and teaching your children to help at mealtimes. It also gives some practical advice on decorating that even I could do!

There are also recipes listed with each month. I can ALWAYS use some new dishes to feed the family.

The last item listed within the months is 'The Schoolhouse Store Resource List'. This is a handy-dandy little item with direct links to products and/or websites used for that month. No more searching the Internet for websites. WOOHOO!

Before we get into the forms, I just have to mention the Month at a Glance views. These are uniquely printed off-center so that you can hole-punch them and see them side by side without losing any of the writing surface. Wonderful!

Now, for the Homeschool Forms!

There are Annual Plans, Yearly Goals, Curriculum Planning Sheets, Yearly Grades, Field Trip Planning, Nature Journal forms, Discipleship Recording Sheet, Weekly Planning, Progress Reports, and SO MUCH MORE! I almost cannot believe how many forms there are. It is a planning junkies heaven!

Another delightful bonus is the section of Household Forms. I have not found a planner with all of these things included.

A few of the forms for the Household are Important Phone & Contacts, Monthly Homekeeping Reminders, My Daily Schedule, Weekly Menu Planner, Food Inventory Log (I LOVE THIS ONE), Chores I Can Do, Our Budget, Bible Reading Schedule, more that you will just have to see when you get your own copy!

I highly recommend this planner. It is full of helps for not only school; but, every day life.

I am getting excited just thinking about how I will use them and get organized!

Now, onto the digital version of The Old Schoolhouse Magazine.

I can't believe that I haven't signed up for this until now. I am constantly losing my magazine because I carry it throughout the house. It is never in the same place twice! There is so much information and encouragement. Now, I don't have to worry about losing it, it is on my computer waiting for me.

It is very easy to scroll through to get the overall feel for it and then go back and look more in depth at each article. You can also zoom in and out to get a better look at things! How many times have you looked at a picture in a magazine and wished you could see it better? Now you can!

You can also search for keywords. How cool is that? They also include direct links to and websites.

I am not sure if I will give up my hard copy of the magazine, I may just have to get both subscriptions and never worry about losing it again!

The Old Schoolhouse Magazine has done it once again. They have found a way to help us in our journey of educating our children at home and made it enjoyable to boot!


Lisa said...

wow...i think you are really pumped about that new thing!!!! Are you pumped? lol

chillywilly said...

You are a freak. Sounds like a school supply thing all over again. You need help, serious help. At least there is hope. Remember its ok to say NOOOOOOO!!!!

Diann said...

What is it about homeschoolers and planner addiction? I get excited just going into an office supply store. LOL
Diann from SHS

momma24 said...

Diann, I cannot go into an office supply store without my dh. I will ALWAYS come out with more school supplies!!!

My name is Renita and I am addicted to school supplies and organizers.

Lisa said...

You sound like you are at an AA meeting!!!! More like SSA (school supplies anonymous) haha