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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Our TOG Coop

On Monday, we had our second meeting of our Tapestry of Grace coop. The first one went really well. We made the Wright Flyer and had a great time. The kids also got a chance to showcase some of their work for the past week.

I did not get pictures. :( I forgot my camera. If you want to see pictures, go to Amy's blog and check them out!

This week we made a volcano! I was in charge of it and I was VERY nervous that it would not work or that it would take too long and we wouldn't be able to finish.

It went beautifully. The kids had a good time getting their hands dirty in the process and it looked so cool as it erupted.

Of course, I didn't get any pictures of the process because my hands were dirty. If you want to see pictures, go to Amy's blog!!

I *did* get pictures of the sharing time and I will be happy to post them now. :)


Laura said...

Oh! A TOG coop would be wonderful!! We do have a friend here in our town who is doing TOG Year 1, but we are doing TOG Year 2.

(my boys are sick this morning.... home from church and reading blogs!)

Sarah said...

Hi Renita,

My name is Sarah, and I am Mike Hearne's little sister. He gave me a link to your blog, which I have been wandering around now for a while! I am really interested in TOG...I am considering it seriously, but it seems a little intimidating (on the planning side). How long have you been using it??? Is there a way I could email you privately?

Thanks! Sarah