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Friday, August 22, 2008

A New Job and a Great Fringe Benefit

Our oldest dd got a job last week!

Isn't she too young, you ask? Yes, and no.

Our neighbor came and asked if she would be willing to come over at lunch time and take their new puppy out to 'go'. Then she would need to feed her and play with her for a little while.

Well, dd was VERY excited and immediately said YES!

We went over and our neighbor showed us exactly where everything was and described exactly what she wanted our dd to do.

Here is Coco. She is the cutest little thing!

THEN our neighbor said that they had a pool and we should feel free to use it whenever we came over to take care of the dog!!!

Holy cow! How cool is that?

Today was the first day that it has been warm enough to swim and we jumped at the chance!

Here is the pool! Doesn't it look inviting?

The water was so cool and we all got a little sunkissed pink on us.


Lisa said...

What a cute puppy! I hope Beth had a great time taking care of it!

Amanda said...

I want a set up like that you lucky duck! I enjoyed seeing you at the open house.