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Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Is it over yet?

This has been a week for the books.  We finally got a stretch of good weather and have had all of soccer games so far!  On top of that I have had work and Naomi has had gymnastics...

Here is how it has gone so far:

Monday: me (and Naomi)-work from 9:30-11:30 am, Beth-work 11-3, high school soccer training from 2-4, jr high game from 3:30-6:15, Sarah-work 5-10:30, me-work 6:30-8:30, Naomi gymnastics 6:30-8:30.

Tuesday: me(and Naomi)-work from 8:30-11:45am, Hannah dr apt 10:40, prom dress shopping 12:30-1:30, soccer games from 2:30-6:30, me-work 7:00-8:30, Naomi gymnastics 7:00-8:30,

Wednesday: me-work 9:30-11:30 am, trip to the mall-12:00-1:00, soccer training 2:00-4:00, Beth work-5:00-10:30, Sarah shopping w/friend-5:00-?, date night-5:00-6:00, Steven rehearsal 6:30-?, Renita catch up on life at home-6:30-until she falls asleep!

Thursday-me(and Naomi) work 9:30-11:15am, high school soccer game 4:00-6:45, junior high soccer game 5:00-7:30

Friday-Good Friday...and rest.

Saturday-catch up on house work, soccer paper work, get ready for tournaments, do laundry, spend time with family, take a nap

Sunday-church, family time, Easter, lesson plan for the week of gymnastics

This week may just kill me and it isn't going to ease up next week either.  But, soccer season is only about three more weeks...I can do it!

On an up note, our teams are doing very well.  Junior High played a tough game on Monday against a very good team and came away with a 1-2 loss.  Tuesday both teams played and Junior High won 5-0 and High School won 2-0!!  Our teams were complimented by the refs on the integrity with which they played last night.  The other team was, shall we say violent, and the refs were impressed that our girls did not retaliate or play dirty as well.  I love our girls!!

This is a season of busyness and it is making me stronger, right?  oy vey but it just might kill me first!

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