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Saturday, April 1, 2017

I only thought...

August of 2016...oh my.  I can not believe it has been that long since I have posted.  Well, yes I actually can.  Life seems to have gotten busier as the kids got older and I lost any semblance of control I ever had. 

I am just holding on. 


What has changed since August of 2016?  Well, we got a new dog.  I started working again.  Sarah is a Senior in high school.  Hannah is a freshman.  Naomi started gymnastics.  And so many more things.  I wish I would have kept up and then we could look back on it and remember; as it is I have to use my oh so faulty memory to try and re-create the memories.  Looks like the girls will be missing a chunk of their lives to my brain fade!

The new dog.  Beau.  Bethany adopted him from a place in Kansas City that sold him to us sick.  We got past that and then he ate a lava rock.  I am not kidding.  He ended up needing emergency surgery or he was going to die.  We chose to have the surgery.  Many people have scoffed at us for that and even downright questioned our decision making abilities; but they are not in our shoes and have no say in what we do.  We did it and I don't regret it.  He survived the surgery and is recovering nicely.  And by that I mean he is huge and into everything!  He is a cutie patootie and I am sad to think about Beth moving out and taking him with her!!! 

My job...I started coaching gymnastics at the Y.  again.  It started out as a few morning classes and morphed into every morning but Friday and every evening except Wednesday.  I soon stopped working on Friday nights because soccer started and time evaporated from the schedule.  I actually love my job, the people, and especially the kids.  I love teaching them new skills and watching as they accomplish what they didn't think they could.  I am now teaching a competitive team and love watching them grow and get better as gymnasts.

On that note, Naomi started gymnastics in August and has since moved up the ladder and is getting ready to start on Team!  She works so hard and is determined to compete.  She also helps me teach in the mornings and is loved by all the kids. 

Sarah is graduating next month.  oy vey  She just recently got back from a missions trip to Canada and is planning on one to Peru this summer.  God called her to missions way back when she was a pixie girl with white curls and He has kept that plan for her.  She is excited to start this next phase of her life but I would be lying if I said I was just as excited.  I mean, I am, but I am also thinking of my momma's heart and how empty it will be without my Sarah in the house every day.  Why do they have to grow and follow God's path for them instead of staying with us forever?!  She is an amazing young woman that I am proud to call mine.

Hannah is a freshman and we are starting to look at college classes next year.  She is killing me with math and science!  I am glad that she loves them but I will be even more glad to have her ask the hard questions of someone else!  Oh yeah, she just broke her arm during soccer practice!  It is a minor break and will heal quickly but does make taking care of her extremely long hair a challenge.

Steven is still at his job.  Praise God he has stability and is doing something he enjoys.  We celebrate 25 years this May and it really only feels like 10 most days.  What a blessing to have someone willing to put up with me for this long. 

Speaking of my love, he bought me a new laptop to replace my ipad!  So now I can really keep up with the blog and not jump through stupid hoops to make it work on the ipad.  I love my ipad but blogging on it was infuriating.  We'll see how I do!

My girls and my man for Father Daughter Banquet.

My love and I. 

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