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Sunday, December 1, 2013

A Week of...

Well, Sabbath Week fell the first week of December so we are all anxious to start our break. Unfortunately that meant that we weren't focusing on the now. We were all exhaused from the play and Hannah decided to get sick the following week. She was better by Thanksgiving but then Naomi got sick after that! lol It's always something, right?

Thanksgiving Day we went to Steven's side of the family and spent the day eating and visiting. It was a pretty low-key day and it was great. The cousins all played, went to the park, and sneaked treats. The adults sat around visiting and sneaking some treats! Just wish Bug could have been there with the cousins. They kept asking about her, it was so cute.

Friday, Steven and I went on a date and did some of our Christmas shopping. No, not Black Friday shopping. Although we did get some great deals! We got a chunk of things taken care of and had a wonderful time being together. That night we watched a family movie, I think.

Saturday we headed out to my side's Thanksgiving and spent another day eating and visiting. We went to a Craft Fair in the morning and ate our way to oblivion in the afternoon. We are pretty good cooks if I do say so myself. And the fact that there were more desserts than main/side dishes shows you where our priorities are. heehee

We were pretty tired out by Saturday night and decided to stay home from church on Sunday and just spend it with us. It was a super low-key day that involved naps and reading and watching movies.

That was the week. More or less. Throw cheerleading, signing up for indoor soccer, ballet, doctore appointments, a little school, cleaning house, making Christmas presents, and a few more things and that about covers it!


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