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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Itooch by eduPad Review

More than 30 apps from 3rd Grade to 8th Grade

iTooch goes in-depth with official educational curricula from 3rd Grade to 8th Grade, tobe used at home or school.

Elementary School: learn and practice Math, Langage Arts and Science from 3rd to 5thGrade
Middle School: learn and practice Math and Langage Arts from 6th to 8th Grade

available on the App Store, Windows 8 and now on Google Play Store

iTooch is back-to-school on Android from September. Every level is available, includingsome new features just for you!

From $4.99
(free versions available)

Check out the Website and see all the apps they offer!


We used a couple of the Free apps and I liked them. The Music app had great theory questions as well as history questions. With the lessons we tried there were questions to answer but there was also an information page the student could read before hand or use as a reference while answering the questions. Once the subject matter has been mastered the student can take a test.

You can download some FREE versions but need to purchase full versions.


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