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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Out of touch

Yeah, still not doing so great with the blogging thing. I think every day that I will make time to sit down and post but it just doesn't happen.

Here's why:

Monday's we have Homeschool Group, Play Practice, another Play Practice, and then Soccer Practice.

Tuesday's we have school and Cheer and BSF.

Wednesdays are usually free except school and when I scchedule appointments on it bc it is our only free day! Oh wait, Ballet, Steven's mentoring meeting, and Youth Groups!

Thursday school and Cheer and Soccer Practice.

Friday is school and getting ready for the weekend and Bug leaves.

Saturday is soccer day.

Sundays is church, babysitting for the girls, Bug comes back, planning for the next week, and catching up laundry.

This list doesn't include any extras we have for the week. It is pretty overwhelming at times but i just can't seem to cut anything out. We have 5 kids and that is just the way it is.

So, this is my place in life right now. I have to be okay with it. Because I know all too well that in just a few short years the kids will be grown up and living their own lives. I WILL enjoy it while I can.

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